A reference or recommendation is a letter of introduction a Tri Delta member provides to a collegiate chapter on behalf of a potential new member.

Please remember, membership selection is the privilege and responsibility of the collegiate chapter members. A reference or letter of recommendation does not guarantee an invitation to membership.

To write a reference, you need to be a member in good standing with the Fraternity. Tri Delta offers an online reference form that is sent directly to the collegiate chapter reference chair where the potential new member is going through recruitment. You can also download a PDF copy of the form that you can either email or print and mail directly to the collegiate chapter reference chair. To access the reference form, you must log on to

When sending a potential new member’s information, please attach the following to each reference:

1.     High school transcript (or at least her test scores, high school GPA, & class rank if possible)

2.     Two recent pictures

3.     Any additional information you would consider helpful to our chapter

Please note that it is not required that the alumna writing your reference has attended Baylor, only that she is a member in good standing of her sorority at the university where she was initiated. PNMs may also have letters of support sent to us in addition to the references to provide more information and recommendations, although these letters are not required.

Although we will accept references until December 1, 2020, we encourage them to be sent in as early as possible. The best way to send in a reference or letter of support is to mail it to this address: 


            Delta Delta Delta (Attn: Aubrey Condon)

            One Bear Place #85614

            Waco, TX  76798-5614


If you have submitted references through the online portal on Deltas Only, please re-submit those references by mailing them to the address above or emailing the PDF reference form to If you have any other recruitment concerns, please feel free to contact