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why tri delta - kate estrada

When it comes to my high school experience, I will admit, I had an incredibly hard time.

Although I was involved and connected in many ways, including athletic teams and different

organizations, I never felt like I had a strong, genuine community. As college drew near, I was

anxious yet eager for a fresh start. Based on different life events, I ended up not rushing until my

sophomore year, but it grew to be a blessing in disguise and one of the best decisions I have


Growing up I would have never imagined myself rushing a sorority, let alone rushing virtuality

due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If I am being completely honest, I did not know much about

Greek Life. I pictured it being like a scene from Legally Blonde, but was pleasantly surprised when I grew to learn being a part of a sorority, especially at Baylor, is far from the way Hollywood paints them out to be. They are kind, gentle, women strong in their faith and have a passion for service and the Lord.

Throughout the fall semester, I began to meet several girls from different chapters, but the Tri

Delts always stood out to me. They were consistent, genuine, and intentional in not only working

to get to know me, but in becoming friends, now sisters! Being the first to join Greek Life in my

family, I had no knowledge of what I was getting myself into and was learning along the way. I

went into recruitment week open minded and working to put my best foot forward. Again, day

after day, the Tri Delts continued to stand out to me.

Ultimately, I went Tri Delta because they became my safe haven. At this time in my life, I felt like

I had so much love to give, but no one to give it to. I remember I was consistently praying to be

shown ways I could love on others and learning I was looking for ways to love, serve, and divert

my time in all the wrong places. In the Beta Tau chapter, I felt the community of strong, powerful

women I had yearned for in high school. I saw an opportunity to grow my faith and serve in

meaningful ways, especially through our incredible philanthropy, St. Jude. Tri Delt has taught

me that despite the challenges we have faced or will face in our lives, there will always be

people who unconditionally love and care for you. A true steadfast love, through and through!!

Romans 8:28 - God is working all things for my good.

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