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why tri delta - izzy terry

I entered school knowing I wanted to rush. Despite being a Tri Delta legacy, I had no inclination towards a particular sorority. My mom told me that although she had greatly enjoyed her time in the Theta Kappa chapter of Tri Delta, chapters differ by school and that I should be open to everything. I entered school with that attitude and was truly open to every sorority.

Throughout the semester, I met many different girls. Whenever I asked girls why they chose a particular sorority they always mentioned their feelings. They would say things like, “When I walked in I felt at home” or explain that it just felt “right.” Going through recruitment online, I was unable to have this kind of experience. It is hard to judge how you feel about a chapter when you are sitting in your childhood bedroom watching a video on your computer. Not being able to follow my feelings frustrated me during recruitment. Throughout the semester I met so many wonderful girls from many different sororities, but now that I was learning about each sorority formally I felt overwhelmed and lost. I was so used to following how I felt that I did not know what to do when my feelings were not easy to follow.

The Bible says that the heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9) and it is true that our feelings have a tendency to mislead us. Feelings change daily and are easily influenced by the smallest of things. How much I ate, what I’m wearing, and the amount of sleep I got, are all things that can easily change my mood. I realized I needed to take a different approach. Instead of focusing on how a sorority made me feel, I focused on philanthropies and how I thought the members would help me grow.

I chose Tri Delta because I was passionate about our philanthropy, St. Jude. Growing up, I had witnessed the children of family friends go through treatments for things such as Leukemia. I had also experienced family members undergoing cancer treatments. I realized if witnessing older family members undergo painful procedures was emotional for me, the heartbreak a parent must experience when witnessing their child go through pain was on a scale I could only try to imagine. The way that St. Jude helps families by providing treatments and taking away financial stress in an already stressful situation, was something that truly inspired me. I wanted to be a part of supporting such an amazing organization.

I also chose Tri Delta because of the members I met throughout the school year. I admired their kindness and confidence. They carried themselves with grace and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. I witnessed Tri Delts serve as leaders in their faith and help other girls know Christ better. There always seemed to be a kind of sacrificial love present with the girls I met. They were willing to drop what they were doing to help and encourage each other. I admired the way they treated others and realized that if I was able to surround myself with girls like that, I might one day be more like them.

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