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why tri delta - holly ross

My sister and I have always been close. The first, vivid memory I can remember is Lauren crawling into my crib in our townhome, dumping a handful of toys in my lap and playing until we fell asleep. I look back on our friendship and laugh at the fact that I am this close to a completely polar opposite version of myself. While Lauren reads books for hours upon hours, I occupy my time going to trampoline parks with friends. But when people ask me how we have this tight knitted friendship, I always tell them that Lauren and I have a connection unbreakable by any circumstances.

Although I describe our bond as this unbreakable, I would be lying if I said that certain circumstances did not attempt to disrupt it. Lauren was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma when I was in the third grade. The person who brought me so much joy was ripped away from me in the blink of an eye. My age does not play a factor into how much I remember those years of turmoil. Countless trips to the hospital and walks in my neighborhood to distract myself from the doctors who invaded our home will never escape my memory. I felt as if our childhood was robbed from us, that we would never be able to make up all of the time stolen from us. But I can say with full confidence that cancer strengthened the bond between me and my sister.

Ever since then, I have always been interested in my sister’s life, especially her freshman year at Baylor. I was praying that God would give her a nudge to rush, because she never imagined herself as a sorority girl. But when He finally instilled that push for her to register for recruitment last minute, she spent that week in the panhellenic building falling in love with Tri Delta. And even as a senior now, I have never seen Lauren feel so passionate about investing in a community. When it was finally my turn to experience freshman year as a potential new member, I never felt pressured to go Tri Delta. But, seeing girls like my sister pour their hearts into a sisterhood made me fall in love with this chapter, just like my sister did.

I will never be able to expressed to the girls of Tri Delta how grateful I am for their compassion towards me. God has so undeservingly blessed me with a sisterhood of girls that I can always rely on and look up to. Community to me is one where you feel as if you can rely on those around you to support you and help you grow. Growth will never be evident in a community of people with the same character and personality. Tri Delta is a community of girls like my sister and girls like me: never do you have to conform to a certain mold to fit in. That is what makes Tri Delta so unique, all are welcomed into the doors of this sisterhood. I thank God every day that these doors were opened for me. Because of Tri Delta, I get to walk alongside my sister and pour into not only my new sisters, but those around me. Tri Delta gifted me the opportunity to bless the families of St. Jude with my sisters, families who feel the same burdens of cancer that Lauren and I once felt. Thank you God for steadfast love, thank you God for Tri Delta!

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