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summer recap

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

summer is coming to an end, which means it's almost time to come back to Baylor!!! BUT we thought we'd do a quick #summerrecap!

there was a LOT of painting, knitting, sewing and ALL the crafting. when stuck at home, what better thing to do?!

meanwhile, in Waco, roommates Emily Morris and Eden Seggerman went for a dip on Fountain Mall! gotta cool off in that summer heat somehow!

even though it's summer, that doesn't mean an end to studying ! Halle Kill spent some of her vacation studying away for summer classes. go Halle!!!

summer means more time outside!!! Caroline Bergmann spent her summer playing with her sweet puppy. doesn't get any better than this.

what's summer without a trip to the beach?? work it Anna!!!!!

we loooooove our camp girls! Julia Bramlage and Candace Luong spent their summer at Pine Cove! go cones!!!!

Brittney Matthews and Katie Picha went adventuring!!!

Katherine Marquardt also spent her summer serving at camp, Kanakuk K-West!!!

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