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recruitment FAQs

Q: How do I send in references?

A: An alumni will send in a reference on your behalf.

Q: How do I find someone to write me a reference?

A: There are so many options for finding an alumni to write you a reference. It can be a family friend or someone you know personally. An alumni can be a recent graduate of any Tri Delta chapter. If you know someone that was a part of a college community, they could post online and see if someone is willing to write one for you. If you don’t know someone personally, our chapter is here to make sure every potential new member has an equal opportunity to get to know our chapter. We can help you find an alumni to write your reference. This process is fun and exciting and we would be honored to come alongside you in the process and help make this step easier!

Q: What to write for “college GPA” if I am going through recruitment as a freshman?

A: If you are a freshman going through recruitment, you do not have to list your college GPA because it will not be available yet! Please include your high school GPA instead.

Q: What are panhellenic previews?

A: Panhellenic Previews are a chance for PNMs to visit each chapter room in Stacy Riddle and get to know every chapter better! It's a great way to meet more active members and get comfortable talking with so many people before recruitment week. Overall, it's a great way to make friends especially if you haven't met a ton of upperclassmen yet!

Q: How do I stand out on my resume?

A: My best advice for standing out on a resume is just to be yourself and include things that have made an impact on your life and that you’re passionate about. If you were involved in extracurriculars or community service, held a job, or received an award, we would love to hear about it! We are looking for women who will bring their unique passions, personalities and backgrounds to the chapter and your resume is oftentimes our first glimpse into your world!

Q: What do I wear for recruitment?

A: It is so fun to put together your outfits for recruitment week! Each day the dress code gets a little more nicer so for the first day, Open House Day, you will be given a Panhellenic t-shirt and you can style it however you want. The next two days are Philanthropy Day and Sisterhood Days and you'll want to wear a church dress or business casual outfit for these days. I would recommend wearing platform sandals or shoes similar to that as well. For the last day, Preference Day, most people wear a nicer/semi-formal dress and heels! With every outfit you can show your own personality and style, and the most important thing is that you feel like yourself in all of your outfits!

Q: Is an aunt, cousin, or grandma still considered a legacy?

A: A legacy includes a Tri Delta member who is a daughter or step-daughter, sister or step-sister, granddaughter or step-granddaughter, or niece of a Tri Delta member. In other words, having a mom, sister, aunt, or grandmother that is a Tri Delta makes you a legacy!

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