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dear college freshmen

Dear College Freshmen,

As a senior, I first want to express how jealous I am that you have 4 long years still ahead of you at Baylor. Although I hope these years don't end up being the peak of my life, it really does feel like it when I think about how many incredible memories I've made here. But as fun as it's been, there are a few things that I wish I could go back and tell my freshman self, so I hope that this advice can help settle a few of your nerves that I remember all too well.

Tip #1

No matter what your social media feeds may make you think, everyone is feeling lonely and displaced at first.

Tip #2

Make class friends! Yes, starting on the first day! Nobody will ever think you're weird for asking for their number in a class, and someday you'll be happy you got it. Bonus, they might even have the same lunch break as you before or after class, and now you have a dining hall buddy.

Tip #3

Don't say no to plans! Even if you don't necessarily see a long-term friendship with the person inviting you to hang, you never know where you are going to meet your new best friend or future roommate!

Tip #4

Kinda similar to the last one, but GO TO EVERY EVENT! Run the Line every time! Even if it seems lame, even if you're tired, even if you don't exactly have anyone to go with, you only get these experiences once, and you'll miss them when it's over! (Plus, they almost always involve some type of free food or free merch)

Tip #5

You might not do well on your first college test, and that's okay. Many of us here at Baylor were those try-hard, straight-A's, teacher's pet high schoolers, so it can feel really shocking and embarrassing to get a grade we would've never dreamed of in high school. But college is harder that high school, and it's an adjustment to learn new ways to study. Although it may seem like the end of the world (speaking from experience here), I promise your professors will give you grace, and if you work hard, you can overcome one bad test.

Tip #6

No matter if you've known since birth what you wanted to do or if you randomly pointed at a major and chose it, the major you start in might not be right for you, and there is no shame in that. Most college students will change their major at least once.

Tip #7

Your professors want to get to know you! Don't be afraid to ask them for help, or just to chat over some coffee in the sub to get to know them/ask about their career. They chose this job for the students!!!

I hope at least one of these tips helped you or took off some of the pressure and stress I know you're feeling right now. Just know that the Baylor family is rooting for you and we are so glad you're here!! Sic 'em!!!


Logan Rainey

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